Use the power of digital loyalty.
Smart messaging,  geofencing,  free push-notifications.

Powerful content

The information on the card is updated so your customers always keep up with your latest news.

Balance and status

All loyalty program info a customer should know is updated right after a purchase or with automation scenarios.


Color, logo, contact info on the card can be changed online with no need to resend the card to the user.


Change images and add product pics, promotions or even decorate your card for New Year's holidays.

Онлайн-анкетирование и получение электронной карты Wallet


Tell your customers about everything that is important.

Использование электронной карты Wallet

Transactional push-notifications

Customers get notified when their reward's balance changes or when rewards are about to burn.

Push-notification marketing

Send marketing push-notifications to inform about promotions, special offers and special events. You can target all of your loyalty program members or specific groups.


Customers get notified when they are close to you.

Quick access to the card

The card appears on the lockscreen and is ready to use when customers are near your location.


Tell about happy hours, include your daily special or any other info, that your customers will get when they nearby.


Use iBeacons in stores to notify customers about the latest promotions on specific items which customers are close to.

Использование электронной карты Wallet

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