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Messaging campaigns

Get personal with customers — use SMS and push-notifications. Target your messages based on a customers behavior, build segments, use text messaging automation.

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Push and SMS camaigns

Send SMS and push notifications with user-friendly interface

Passteam will automatically determine the most profitable channel and help you save on text messaging campaigns.

Passteam inerface
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Интерфейс рассылок Passteam

Send personalized messages your clients want to get

Send notifications about your promos to selected segments. Clients can be segmented: by frequency of purchases, bonus balance, last visit date and other indicators. At the end, you will receive an email report on the successfully delivered messages.

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Попробуйте как работает карта для пользователя, скачайте демонстрационную карту.

Automatic transaction notifications

They help to keep a client updated, while not being annoying. The most common transactional notification is balance change. The data for such notifications is extracted from your POS / CRM.

Passteam interface

CoffeeOcean sends balance change notifications to its clients. This allows you to create the perfect loyalty program experience. The engagement rate in the CoffeeOcean loyalty program is 43% higher than the market average.

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Location-based notifications

Geo-triggered push notifications appear within a distance of 100 meters from a given point

The right message in the right place

Set any message and send it to the selected segment of customers. Clients will receive it as soon as they are close to one of your locations.

Messages by iBeacon

It is displayed in the same way as a regular push notification. Appears on the phone screen within a distance of 30 meters from the iBeacon.

Quick access to the loyalty card

The card is available on the lock screen by one-click. It helps to improve customer experience and customer analytics.

Location-based notifications

Build strong customer relationships with helpful mailings

Elis, Askona, Leroy Merlin and 6,000 more companies already using Passteam

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