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Grow the frequency
of visits

It costs you five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current customers.

Visits history

Customers keep track of their visits. They know when to book the next appointment in advance.

Recommended visit

Passteam reminds customers to book an appointment after a particular time since their last visit. You can even reward customers for booking during the recommended period.

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Boost lifetime value

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try your new services  as well as spend 31% more than new customers.

Smart push-notifications

Special offers, events, holiday open hours. Anything that you want your particular segments of customers to know.

Up to date bonus balance

The rewards balance is updated after each purchase. If the rewards are about to burn, Passteam will send a friendly reminder to a customer. It helps you get to customers' front of mind without annoying them.

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Here is what your beauty business can get using Passteam

+25% more visits

Recommended visits and balance updates are a good reminder of your brand. They are friendly compared to frequent promo-messages and help your brand to be in the front of minds.

+12% in spent per visit

Right offers at the right time help increase customer spend.

-70% money spent on SMS

Save up to 70% on SMS marketing replacing SMS by more personalized and effective push-notifications.

Make it WOW 🤩

Use Passteam's features to create an outstanding loyalty program that your customers will love.


Add pics to make your customers excited. Use a punch-like card style (card will be "stamped" automatically after every visit).

Change pics and colors when loyalty status changes (make it gold, green, or fuxia) send pics with congrats on the haircut, joke, let them feel the human touch.


Use precise segmentation and offer secret personal deals to specific customer groups. For example, offer 70% off nail manicure for customers who visited in the last two weeks, have more than 500 points, have a birthday in the upcoming months you get what we mean.

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How does it work?

As simple as enroll, engage, reward.

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Enroll customers on websites and at checkout

Use our online enrollment web form, give your cashiers a button to send links to cards via SMS or email. Card is installed into Apple Wallet and GPay.

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Comunicate and engage

Send custom or automated notifications, send free balance, and status updates.

Reward using points, presents, or digital trophies

Build the scenarios that work for you. We'll help your customers understand how to use your loyalty program.

Start retaining 20%
more customers

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